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Who We Are

We're CosmoAio, One of the most cutting edge, modern AIO tools currently on the market!

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Supreme Signups

Secure multiple in-store every week.

Profile Converter

Convert any profile to any bot with ease.

Location Spoofing

Spoof your location anywhere in the world. Never miss a Stash, Pass or Raffle Reservation ever again.

Browser Tool

Endlessly clicking through tabs to see if your checkout is ready? IP Bans? Not anymore with our Browser Feature!

Sales Tracker

Easily track your sales from multiple platforms all in once place.

One Click

Endless Captchas? Stop wasting time clicking Boxes with our One Click Generator

Account Generator

Make hundreds of accounts for sites such as Undefeated, Juicestore, and more.

Dynamic Updates

Frequent updates ensure you're always up to date with modern day automation & botting

Auto Fill

Fill in your information automatically without typing anything. Saving you seconds

What's the cost of CosmoAIO

CosmoAIO is currently $20 monthly.

What Operating systems do we support?

CosmoAIO currently both supports Mac and Windows.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept credit cards only via stripe.

Is there going to be more features added in the future?

Yes, we are always thinking of innovating features to add to cosmo.

How do I contact support?

Please email or open a ticket within our discord channel.